Vera Scarf In Geometric Brown And Black Basketweave Design From The 1970s

Item number: VS239-TAS

Vera Scarf In Geometric Brown And Black Basketweave Design From 1970s - Item #VS239-TAS

This striking and versatile Vera Neumann scarf in brown and black basketweave design geometric pattern is a vintage 1970's scarf and is in very good condition. Scarf has no rip, or tears, its only flaw is what appears to be a very light tan make up stain across the middle of the scarf. Unless you are really looking for flaws it would not be visible. As is visible in the photograph it has the Vera signature on it and the copyright symbol, but is missing the ladybug symbol which was removed in the mid-1960's.

This scarf measures approximately 21" by 21" and has a hand rolled hem . It's tag says "Vera, 100% polyester , Made in Japan". On the reverse side it reads " Machine wash warm. Gentle tumble dry low. Cool iron if desired."

This beautiful scarf goes well with either black or brown accessories making it an extremely versatile addition to your wardrobe! No matter whether you are a collector of vintage scarves or are just looking for a lovely gift for a friend or something special for yourself this is a strikingly beautiful Vera scarf that with proper care will give your many years of enjoyment. Any of our Vera scarves will turn an ordinary outfit in to a chic extraordinary outfit!

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Note: We always do our best to point out and photograph any flaws that are visible to the naked eye as we in no way wish to misrepresent the condition of this or any other product that we are selling. This is a vintage item and as such can be expected to show some signs of normal wear.

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