Vera Neumann Rust Brown White And Blue Gray Geometric Silk Scarf

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Item number: VS231-TAS

Vera Neumann Rust Brown White And Blue Gray Geometric 1940s Silk Scarf - Item# VS231-TAS

This lovely scarf is not only a uniquely elegant treasure it is a beautiful piece of American history that has survived more than 60 years and is in very good condition. Vera started her business right at the close of WWII and she went to a local Army surplus store and purchased a number of surplus parachutes that were brand new. She took them home and cut them into the proper sizes and then screen printed her designs on them in her kitchen studio.

These scarves were made by Vera before she had a copyright and before she started using the ladybug in her signature. The Vera signature is very small in size and does not appear on the corner of the scarf but up further within the geometric design. Finding a lovely pre copyright Vera scarf of this size and in this great of condition is truly rare as these scarves a becoming extremely hard to find.

Whether you choose to add this striking scarf to your wardrobe and wear it or choose to frame it you will have not only a beautiful scarf but a piece of American history too!

Size: Approximately 21" x 21"
Material: WWII parachute silk
Signature: Very small Vera - Pre copyright late 1940s
Condition: Very good , it has one pin hole and a number of dents in the fabric, but none of them are visible when you are wearing the scarf. You can only see them when the scarf is held up to a bright light.

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