Vera Neumann Shades Of Gold And Orange Flowers On White Ladybug Scarf

Item number: VS205-TAS

Vera Neumann Shades of Gold And Orange Flowers On White Ladybug Scarf - Item#VS205-TAS

Vera talent for painting flowers is very evident on this lovely scarf which is in very good condition. It is a beautiful delicate floral pattern design.

This is a long rectangular scarf that measure approximately 14" x 44" in length and has a handrolled hem in gold color. The orange and gold floral pattern is spread across the length of the scarf with washes of peach and light yellow in the background.

As pictured it is signed Vera with the copyright symbol and with the highly prized ladybug symbol which dates the scarf to the early 1960s. This scarf still has its original tag which reads" Vera - All Silk - Made In Japan."

The only flaws that I could find is a couple of stitches missing on the handrolled hem in one small section about 1" long . Also in the one corner which is pictured in the first photo there is a very small hole that is about the size of the head of a pin and it has caused a single thread to pull about 2" in length. Neither one of these flaws would be obvious when wearing and they certainly do not affect the beauty of this scarf, they only affect the price, which has been reduced to reflect the slight flaws.

This beautiful scarf will give you many years of colorful enjoyment and will add a chic splash of vibrant color to your outfit of choice.

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