Rooster Vintage Men's Tie In Rose Blue Green And White Stripes

Item number: VMT115-TAS

Rooster Vintage Men's Tie In Rose Blue Green And White Stripes- Item#VMT115-TAS

This is a handsome Rooster vintage men's tie in rose, blue, green and white stripes. As pictured this tie has wide rosey pink colored stripes with smaller white, blue and green stripes with a linen like finish. Ties build an image of confidence and power and this vintage Rooster tie just epitomizes both of those qualities.

This men's vintage rose, blue, green and white silk Rooster tie is from the late 1970's to early 1980's measures approximately 55" in length and 3-1/4" across at its widest point and has no stains, pulls or tears, only some minor wrinkling in the area where the knot would have been made. This vintage silk tie by Rooster is a pointed end tie which is unusual for a Rooster tie of this era.

This Rooster tie is in excellent condition and has been well cared for in its lifetime. It originally belonged to a local professional man who was an avid tie collector for years. We acquired much of the collection from his estate. The dates range from the 1950's through to the 1980's. This is a vintage tie that you will be proud to wear and display. This is the kind of tie that if you found it at a NYC vintage store on 23rd Street they would be asking US $45.00 for it. This listing is for the tie only! Shirt and tie clasp are for display only!

Brief History of Rooster Tie Company: The Rooster Tie Company founded in the 1930s, but really made their mark in the industry in the 1950s with their popular square cut ends tie. These innovative cotton ties featured terrific graphics and fantastic colors, which were unusual for their time. Some of them featured occupational themes, and others featured themes on the nostalgia beginning to sweep the nation by the use of pictures of antique cars, country motifs, and old-fashioned fonts. In the late 60's the Rooster Tie was everywhere, and it was the tie to give and get for Christmas. . . . and it still is!!
Material: Silk

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