Piggables Vintage Counted Cross Stich Pattern Book 7


Piggables Vintage Counted Cross Stitch Pattern Book 7- Item#VCCP 113-TAS

This Piggables Counted Cross Stitch Pattern Book 7 contains 10 adorable patterns by Ann and Roger Steinbach and copyrighted in 1980. The designs are as follows:

We All Can't Be Neat (67H x 70 W)

Are You Going Places Or Just Being Taken? (86H x 63W)

Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Be Wonderful (66H x 78W)

I'm So Far Behind, I Think I'm 1 st 69H x 70W)

Middle Age Is When Your Broad Mind And Your Narrow Waist Exchange Places (99H x 75W)

Maybe My Mistake Has Been Trying To Make It On Looks ( 61H x 86W)

Keep A Stiff Upper Lip Even If Your Body's Sagging (80 H x 59W)

Our First Energy Crisis Was Known As Monday (55H x 83W)

We're All In This Together (63H x 66W)

If At First You Succeed Try Hard To Hide your Astonishment (66H x 81W)

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Materials: paper, ink


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