Down Santa Claus Lane Cross Stitch Chart Booklet By Alma Lynne Designs


Down Santa Claus Lane Cross Stitch Chart Booklet By Alma Lynne Designs - Item#VCCP-130-TAS

This Down Santa Claus Lane cross stitch chart booklet by Alma Lynne designs was designed by Alma Lynne and copyrighted in 1987.

Down Santa Claus Lane features 25 different counted cross stitch graphs including:
Old World Santa design area 58W x 82H
Saint Nicholas design area 65W x 84H
Kris Kringle design area 59W x 79H
Santa Claus design area 52W x 80H
Father Times design area 52W x 87H
Christmas Tapesty design area 54W x 82H
Woodland Santa design area 41W x 82H
Father America design area 36W x 76H
Prairie Santa design area 54W x 88H
Pierre Noel design area 45W x 81H
I believe In Santa Claus design area 100W x 131H
Chimney sock (boy) design area 76W x 130H
Chimney sock(girl) design area 76W x 130H
Chimney Sock Alphabet
Holly Motif design area 26W x 26H
Mini Snowman design area 30W x 29H
Mini Package design area 9W x 9H
Mini Soldier design area 9W x 31H
Mini Santas (7) design area 17W x 28H
Mini Tree design area 17W x 26H
Christmas cat design area 27W x 32H
Mini Wreath design area 25W x 26H
Christmas Bunny design area 27W x 20H
Santa(Face) design area 28W x 32H
Whirl-a-gig Santa design area 60W x 134H

This Down Santa Claus Lane Cross Stitch Chart Booklet By Alma Lynne Designs is in excellent condition with no rips, marks or stains. This is a fabulous original counted cross stitch pattern not a copy.

As with all patterns this is a Final Sale Item.

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Materials used: paper, ink



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