My Teddy Bear And Me Cross Stitch Book 12 by Forever Friends Designs

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My Teddy Bear And Me Cross Stitch Book 12 by Forever Friends Designs - Item#VCCP-202-TAS

This great vintage cross stitch book titled My Teddy Bear And Me was copyrighted in 1984 and contains not only cross stitch designs but patterns to make stuffed bears.

Designs include:
My Teddy Bear And Me 70W x 100H
Chantilly And Jerome 36W x 42H
Alphabear Sampler 65W x 91H
Snoozy 36W x 33H
Jeremiah 75W x 63H
Bernard 65W x 36H
Percy 110W x 41H
Floba Purse
Cody 76W x 76H
Bradshaw 52W x 64H
Teddy Bear Borders
Ralph 49W x 63H
Heart Necklace 24W x 16H
Teddy Bear Patterns
Hilary 40W x 43H
Teddy Tea Time Recipes ( some great easy recipes for a fun tea time snack!)
Teddy And Hearts Comforter
Quill Ted Bear
Pillow Directions
Tiny Teacup Teddy pattern

This cross stitch booklet titled My Teddy Bear And Me is in very good condition for its age as it has no stains, rips and only two pages where there are two tiny measurements written on the page. This fabulous My Teddy Bear And Me cross stitch booklet by Forever Friends Needlework Designs is a vintage original not a copy.

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Materials used: paper, ink


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